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Choosing The Right Pressure Washer For The Job

The Right Pressure Washer for Degreasing Applications

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Great! You just have a cookout with friends and family in your backyard. After the merrymaking is over you find that the patio floor is covered with hard to remove stain and grease. Now you wonder what to do to remove these in little to n o time at all with minimum work.

Now you think that you will be cleaning the floor with the chemicals you have stored up in your garage. But again you think that with the scrubbing you will consume too much time. This is the customary way to clean the mess on the floor. But using this method is actually not safe at all to your health and would also require much work on your part.

Now here is where the pressure washer comes into play. But not any kind of pressure washer. It should be the right pressure washer for the right job. With the grease and stain on the floor it would be best to use a super hot steam temperature, high flow rate pressure washer.

You will not only be removing the dirt but much more the stain and the grease that stuck on to the floor crevices which could not be removed by merely brushing alone. The degreasing work done by a hot steam pressure washer will be far more superior and will make the area look really clean and like brand new. Without the presence of grime and grease. No hard work involved. And not much time wasted. Besides it will be safer for you because you will not be inhaling those fumes the chemicals emit into the air.

Using the cold water pressure type is not the right pressure washer for this kind of job. You won’t get off those oily and greasy deposits especially in the crevices of the floor. The grease and oily deposits will just become hard and waxy lumps which will be harder to remove even by hand.

Now the right type of pressure washer for this kind of job is the high steam or hot water pressure washer as your purpose here is to soften, dissolve, and eventually wash away the grease particles quite easily. The high temperature will melt those greasy particles easily and will be removed without exerting any effort at all.

Using the cold water type will just make the degreasing work of no use. Using degreasing chemicals on the other hand would be quite expensive on your part and is harmful to health generally. And if you really plan on using one then you might opt for the green cleaners which will not only not harm the environment but is safe also on one’s health rather than the conventional type of degreasing chemicals available on the market.

High temperature and high pressure washers are what you need for degreasing work. They are better at degreasing a surface and will not require any use of chemicals. High temperatures reaching up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit or even steam temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit is what you need for this kind of job.

Just bear in mind that you have to pay special attention to safety precautions when handling very hot water temperature or super heated steam as you are in danger of scalding your skin when the equipment is not handled properly. Wearing protective clothing will help prevent any accident from occurring. And pay attention to what you are doing.

Over all, for any kind of degreasing applications which you do the right pressure washer is the super heated steam or hot water pressure washer.


Written by Marcelo Gonzales

March 2, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Posted in Pressure Washer

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